Passionate about baking – Fala de nos

Came 11 May, Grace and I met for lunch at Lucky Plaza. Then we proceeded to Grand Hyatt Hotel for the event. As we were really early, we took the opportunity to take some pictures around the place. Slowly, people started streaming in. I also met Chef Judy from Creative Culinare. Caught up with her for a brief moment before the workshop started.

The workshop started with the organisers from California Raisins sharing with the benefits of using California Raisins in baking. Most of the participants are from the F&B industry, including Swissotel, Provence, Shatec etc. Then it was time for Chef Fred Mougel, a baker in France who owns two bakeries, to bring us through his bread baking theories. As he is French and can’t speak English very well, Chef in Black, Emmanuel Stroobant was the facilitator for the workshop. He will help to translate words for Chef Fred if he has difficulties explaining. It was actually quite hilarious!

We had a great time, watching him going through the steps of bread making. He also explained the recipe and the methods in detail. It was rather thorough. There was also a short break during the workshop. The pastries served were really good. There were sandwiches, raspberries and rose macarons, japanese cheesecakes, cream puffs and fresh fruits. On the other table spread, were the breads baked by Chef Fred. The breads were really good. Grace and I love them very much. Some of the breads were baked using our Asian spices.  The taste was truly alluring!

After the tea break, we continued with the steps on the bread making. We only get to see the dough being proved till before baking. By then, it was the end of the workshop. We were given some recipes of the breads created by Chef Fred with California Raisins, and also other recipes with California Raisins.

t was an enriching workshop, learning more about how french bakers made their breads. Both of us had a great time, learning from the professional, and tasting the pastries and breads!


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